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Effect of positive thinking in our mental health

  Effect of positive thinking in our mental health.   Every one each of us wants to be thinking positive and optimistic, but we can’t restrain the state of positive thinking in the long term, slowly we start to shift in negative thinking. What is the reason behind this; we do can’t able to maintain… Read More »

2 inspiring and motivational short stories.

2 inspiring and motivational short stories. Check out this 2 most inspiring and motivational short stories about life, that will make you mindful.   Get hold of advice, but care. Once a man with his little boy was going in a dense forest. Then on the way child get thirsty, give him water, his father… Read More »

Motivational story – don’t give unnecessary advice.

Motivational story – don’t give unnecessary advice.   We often give advice to people for the sake of the well-being of others. But many times people don’t understand the intention what we want to convey them. Today I will share you this motivational and knowledge story.   “The story of weaver bird and monkey”  … Read More »

motivational article-Think big and think positive.

Think big and think positive.   This is not just a motivational article. This is a training article. After reading this article you will be the boss of yourself. Friends if you want to progress or achieve something big success then you have to think big and positive, because when you think big then your… Read More »

How to build self confidence and self esteem.

               How to build self-confidence and self-esteem. How to build self-confidence and self-esteem?No one can deny the fact and importance of self-confidence to succeed in life. Self-confidence is a very important quality for a success. You will find self-confidence in every single soul who has achieved their success destination, whether it is a movie star,… Read More »


HABITS OF HAPPY PEOPLE.   Habits of incredibly happy people. Friends, happiness is a birthright of an individual. After a baby is often happy. Why do we say childhood days are the best day in life? Because we are happy with born: – like as we grow our society, our surroundings and gradually began to… Read More »

Position of the master

               Position of the master   There was a king. He was really fond of writing and recitation. Through his cabinet once he arranged a master. Master started to teach the king. Months passed but the king was not learned anything from his master. The master does work hard… Read More »