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All Subject Full Form, Full Form 2021 – Subject Full form

On this blog post today, I am going to tell you the full form, when we were in school, the question arose in our mind that what is the full form of this subjects but due to fear, the student was never able to ask the teacher what is the full form of these subjects. Today on this blog post, I am going to tell you the full form of some important subject which is going to be of great use to you.

All Subject Full Form, Full Form 2021 – Subject Full form

Full Form Of Mathematics

Full form of mathematics In English, Full of Mathematics is given as:-

M- Memory

A- Accuracy

T- Talent

H- Hardwork

E- Enthusiasm

M- Mind

A- Attention

T- Tact

I- Interest

C- Cleverness

S- Sincerity

Full Form Of Maths

M – Miracle of nature.

A – Art of arithmetic.

T – Tool of knowledge.

H – Habit of problem-solving.

S – Science of learning.

Funny Full form of maths in english

M – Mental

A – Attack

T – To

H – Healthy

S – Students

Full-Form OF Computer

C- Common 

O- Operating

M- Machine 

P- Particularly 

U- Used for 

T- Technological


R- Research

Full Form of Science

S – Systematic and

C – Comprehensive

I – Investigation and

E – Exploration of

N -Nature’s

C -Causes and

E -Effect.


S :- Science

C :- Club

I :- Is

E :- Essential &

N :- Necessary for

C :- Continues

E :- Evaluation

Full Form of Physics

P- Positive

H- Humble


S- Studious

I- Inexperienced

C- Communicative

S- Scientific

Full Form Of Chemistry

C- Carbon

H- Hydrogen

E- Elements

M- Metals

I- Informating

S- Sorting

T- Testing

R- Reacting


Will add soon more Full form of all subjects including ARTS AND COMMERCE. STAY TUNED.

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