Why to avoid Facebook?

By | February 17, 2020

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Why to avoid Facebook? 5 reasons why to avoid Facebook.


Facebook is world largest and second most visited site in the world (1stgoogle)


Facebook over-use


This situation is created by world youngest billionaire, “Mark Zuckerburg” even never ever imagined that this would be so soon so pop.

In fact, you wonder if you see people that are not on Facebook. They you are not on Facebook, why? Facebook on today’s 1.5 billion plus registered user, every fifth person in the world is on Facebook in all probability you’ll be one of the those. But it’s curious that you do Facebook use; if overuse..Or anywhere you don’t have the addict!

Let say use means that you daily 2 hours less on Facebook and overuse means 2 hours. If yes, use doesn’t mean you physically present in front of the system, and maintaining a smart phone in your hired man, even you think about Facebook time usage will count because after all it occupy your mind space in mean time.

And if you are wondering where am I addict to Facebook. Find out these traits if these traits are in you.


  1. Often keeps in mind the fact that posted your comments on things you would come, how many people would like you.


  1. Checking updates and notification every minute, if you don’t run your own internet asking to your friend to open a Facebook.


  1. Frequently refreshing screen to visualize something new on the news feed on Facebook.
  2. Saying good night all you serve before going to sleep and heat up in the dawn of the first of these to see what response did you receive.


I will tell you about my usage of Facebook, on an average I daily use less than 20 minutes, including thinking about Facebook. You can state this under utilization. In my opinion ideally we should not use Facebook more than 30 transactions. According to me using Facebook more than 1 hour is over utilization.

And now you let the cat out of the bag, how long do you use Facebook?


And you are using Facebook more than 30 minutes, then you’re wasting your precious time. Until and unless if you are not doing purposeful things.

Purposeful means, raising your business project, passing a campaign for social cause and doing something meaning full work, in these cases giving your time is more than worth.


What type of people using Facebook more than requiring.

Yes, in my opinion

  • Those who don’t accept a meaning full goal.
  • People who get attention.
  • People who interested in another life than own life.


What damage could it do over usage of Facebook?

The inclination is excessively long, but I will share only 5 important points. Let examine what are the details.


  1. You grant to others unknowingly control of your happiness?

How? Generally, your happiness depends upon, how many likes and comments you received on your posted picture, what types of comments do you receive on Facebook. For instance, you purchase a new car and you posted on Facebook, you like the car, but other don’t like the car model and they are commenting bad and not liking your car, you will upset your mood, it may happen opposite to it. In this way to your happiness depend upon on another legal opinion.


And over a long period of time this small effect takes big issue and yet you don’t cognize where you left your self image.


  1. Your blessing and shortcoming of others became visible?

With Facebook people generally share their happiness and good things. People write in their status “my new BMW car, “I am at present in New York” etc.


In reality you also do the same, you know your reality on the inside, you see the same in the case of others, what they present you. You incline to watch their new car to come and you don’t see with him on EMI. In this way you compare with their joy and ultimately low feel your gums start.


Due to Facebook number of people are increasing and leading into depression. Just beware, don’t fall prey to it.


  1. It affects your health and happiness.

Complete utilization of Facebook can lead to mental and physical problem. It bears upon your sitting position and can lead to spondylitis, your eyes will get watery. There is always the risk of depression.


  1. Real friends and the relationship suffers badly.

Many times people proudly say, I have more than 400 friends, I am certain many of them friends come in front of them they don’t realize. In reality, in Facebook less number of friends more numbers of acquaintance are there. Well its not bad thing. But if we need more time to our family and less time to fake relations and fake friends. I know close friends and relations are also on Facebook, but speaking frankly these people are also becoming ordinary people to us because Facebook is like a crowd.


  1. Spending your energetic days of lazy amusement.

If you understand the demography of Facebook users, and so you will encounter most of the users are teenage and twenties young people   who are surfing Facebook. If you are not in this age group then this tip will not apply to you.

Teenage and twenties are those ages where there is no shortage of energy and enthusiasm in the body. Only now a days they are spending long hours on Facebook without any intention. Did ever you question why God has devoted such energy to them because that is the age where you can concentrate on your spirit and good carrier but our youngster wasting time and honest animation. In this way youngsters loosing their energetic days and investing their time on unproductive activity.


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