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Why it happens, many times all resources and everything could have, yet we don’t practice what we have thought about. We promise our self, we affect the relentless purpose to take out certain task what we thought about, but we fail at the end.


Yet everything mean form “ I mean we have enough talent, money, time or any other matter that is important to realize. If you concentrate on one particular thing than illusion became reality.


I have taken a small story Hindu mythology from Mahabharat,  how to focus.

Once upon a time, one day Guru Dronacharya organized a competition to test Pandavas and kauravas  princes. Across a stream he set up a small wooden bird on the tree. The bird was being so small from where they were standing, but the boys were confident they will pass the test. Dronacharya ask one of the prince to come forward draw his bow and then he asks, “tell me what you see?”

“I see the bird the branches and the tree.”

What else did you see there

“The boy responded,” asks the venerable teacher. “Tell me everything you see.

“I see the sky, clouds, trees and the sun. Oh Drona responds the prince.

Drona then asks the next prince in line the same question.

“What do you see”?

“I see the sky; clouds, trees and the sun Oh Drona respond the prince.

One by one the princes are asked the same question and they describe everything they see.

Now its Arjuna’s   turn.

“What do you see my boy”? “Asks Drona”.

“Blackness my teacher. I see blackness.”

“What else do you see”?

“Nothing but blackness, my teacher. That all I can see.”


“Drona presses Arjuna. What is this blackness Arjuna.”?


It is the blackness in the center of the eye of the bird, my lord. I can find out  nothing else.”


“Shoot” says Drona. And Arjuna succeeds to shoot.

Drona replied great Arjuna, you will be mastered in archery.

And he was.


In that respect is a small difference that gets their dreams into reality.

That is the focus.

But dreams don’t make a sense, we demand to concentrate on that dream

If you find out how to focus on dreams no one can in this world to stop you to become your dreams to reality.

We know this, why the focus is important, but  we don’t learn it seriously, we get word from one spike and exit from one spike.


So Why we don’t focus on our dreams?

  1. Because that dreams don’t lie on our interest area.
  2. We don’t want to commit it.
  3. Delay in performing work.
  4. We don’t believe in our ego.
  5. We don’t want to get out of the comfort zone..
  6. Distraction is one of the causes.


How to focus?

Every one knows even small kid, why to focus, but the problem is why we aren’t focusing.

There are two ways you can alter your focus. First one is an external factor and the second one is internal factor.

External factor is those factors you don’t have control of it. So no exercise of talking external factor.


And then shift your internal environment, even so, many distractions don’t make any impression on you.

But how to change your internal environment?

There are 2 factors you can change your internal environment.

  1. Why to focus. If this assertion is clear why to focus. What is needed to focus. Thus it is important to clear this statement why to focus.
  2. Where to focus. What is your goal what you want to be, and you must accept the clarity where to concentrate.


Every bit a child, did you use lens Sure. Lens an ordinary piece of glass looks great, but when we focus along one part of the piece of paper, then begins to burn it in a while.



The focus gets to things possible. When you remain concentrated on your goal, then the  route of success clearly visible and all the obstacles complete eradicate from your success path. Focus not just tell you what that is, it also tells you what not to do. Focus binds you to your goal, not only prevents you from binding stupid 3things as well.


Remember that such a talented unfocused person in your life than a normal focussed person can achieve.


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