The Law of attraction

By | February 24, 2020

law of attraction                    The Law of attraction

Thoughts become reality.


The Law of attraction .Friends ever you listen this famous dialogue from Bollywood (India) film “Om Shanti Om” “If you want something from the heart then law of nature make it possible to happen”. This is called the law of attraction theory. This rule, which states that your thinking becomes reality. The thoughts became things. For example; if you think about a lot of money and it becomes reality and you have a really is a lot of money, if you think that I will always live in poverty won, and that’s became true.


Perhaps it is a universal truth to seem strange to hear. A universal truth. That is the basis of our thinking, they want to become. And this is not a new discovery Lord Buddha has said “we do whatever we have to date, what we thought of that result.” Swami Vivekananda said the same thing in these words: “we are what we think we made, so keep note of the fact what you think. Words are secondary. Living ideas, the idea travels too far.


On such a thing so easily take for granted is very difficult. Many questions in your mind about it can raise. today we will strain to find some solution to similar queries. Most famous article on the subject of law of attraction. It is composed by Steve Pavlina.



Law of attraction says or theory of attraction says that you attract into your life the things about which you want.

Your dominant thoughts became reality, there’s a way out of charges. But the law of attraction gives rise to some questions which are not easy to answer.


The best model of the law of attraction is my own web site I realize the law of attraction is really working. When I take up my blog, I didn’t know yet anything about computer and internet. I always dreamt how nice will it be if I know about computer and internet. On the spur of the moment one day I got news somewhere, someone is teaching basic computer and internet for free, where I learnt the computer and internet. After few days my mind strikes to start a web log. Only I suppose that making a website require programming and coding, but I see that   one day there no need a great knowledge of coding for creating website, if you install WordPress on your host. Later a few days I learned coding. I don’t know even what is a domain and hosting at that time, I try to gather to compile info and created a secure site.

In this way gyanvardaan was created. I am applying the same law to get my, good carrier and love ones, I hope it will go.


Only one thing is true that dreaming and doing nothing doesn’t work, the law of attraction. We have to take corrective action to implement it.


Do you have power in your dreams? Willpower


Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had said “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep”.


If your goal or dream having a lack of possession and determination it will never become reality. This is based upon the law of attraction. Only you who make your dream into reality by making continuous efforts to unite and inspire.


And if are willing to attain your goal and ready to do with anything to make your destination, then the legal philosophy of nature definitely helps.


There should not be any fear to achieve your goal. If you don’t have trust in yourself or fear of failure, then your goal will powerless. Where “fear” is there “faith” is made vulnerable. And where you lose trust in yourself, how can law of nature help you.


Law of attraction = Dream+Action+Willpower+Confidence.

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