Stop saying “I don’t have a time”

By | February 24, 2020

        Stop saying “I don’t have a time”i dont have timeStop saying “I don’t have a time”

Utilization of time is in your own hands.


Friends every one of us wants to do something big or achieve something outstanding. But we don’t do anything for that because we don’t have a time. For object lesson, we cogitate, I will learn that, I will do that, I will precede little towards my primary goal, but the reality is we don’t go along further in our spirit.  We don’t do anything to achieve want we want and the reason and common excuse is “I don’t have a time”.


Then today I have brought to you some real life lessons that will inspire you badly. They prompt us to be punctual also and show that out as well how human beings can be engaged with their favorite job but he can take time out for important matters.


  • USA famous mathematicians Charles F used to consume an hour every day for reading maths, this rule being held up at the conclusion of the master of mathematics.


  • Mozart as well engaged in useful work every second of his lifetime, which formed to lead the perfect spirit. He has completed writing the book rakyum while he was struggling with death.


  • Galileo had a medical shop which was controlled by him still he used to take out time and invented a great science principle and theory.


  • Napoleon troops able to defeat Austria because their troops came five minutes late to face Napoleon troops.


  • In the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was taken prisoner because his commander was five minutes late.


It is really surprising that someone takes 1hours study and became mathematics expert and someone came 5 minutes late so he was voted down. Someone use used to take time out from shop work and invented great science principles.


In 24 hours so that people can do that, now the questions arise is where the hells our time is wasting.


Actually, we have loads of time to reach our ends. We possess more time than we needed to accomplish goal. Barely require to avoid wasting the valuable time.


What to do next?

In the above cases, implement any of them. Make a list and paste it where you can see it and read it. After reading you can inspire yourself.


Irrespective how many tips you read about time management its doesn’t help you. Simply you ask to avoid holding over the project.

Remember that doing any tasks don’t hurt as much postpone of task. Once you follow these tips you will become time manager.


Bruce Lee had said


“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”

Let now take a time out for important task, don’t postpone your task and stop saying I don’t have a time.



This article is written by Mr. Hemant Kumar. Who is passionate about writing articles for news paper and magazines.


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