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 hard work वस स्मार्ट क्यूwork

Who does the hardest work? Worker or boss of the big company??


Worker work hard regardless  day and night, summer and winter but the owner of the company or we say CEO of the company sit at the air-conditioned rooms gives guidelines to their workers and subordinate. But the owner of the company earning is thousand of times more than the income of the workers. We can see this in every field of work.  Equally, the workload decreases the income increases.


Why this goes on? Has there been no substitute value of hard work??


The chronicle of heavy work- value of the hard study.


Once upon a time, there was a poor labor. He worked hard day and night every day, he breaks stones from nearby hills and sells it in the marketplace, by making difficult to expend on his daily cost.


One day he exited to the shop of an artisan selling stones, where he discovers the beautifully crafted stones and asked where you obtain these precious gems. The artisan replied I purchased from you last month and I sold it for 50$ and I break these stones into small pieces and I gave these stones to a beautiful shape.


He was really disappointed after listening. The worker said there is no value for hard work; I used to spend 12 -13 hours a day to break the stones in the hot sun. And in return, I get barely 12$, and you just spend 6 hours a day without any hard work, yet your income is more 100 times of my income.


The artisan said – The value of any commodity is not influenced by the fact that how much effort has been made by, its value is determined is determined by the fact how the utility is or how useful it is.


Hard work + intelligence = success


In this universe, there are more powerful animals exist than human beings, but still, all the same, a human being is seen equally potent. Because the human being uses his intellectual ability to so anything.


Without hard work, we can’t manage anything but when we add some value, intelligence and smart work to heavy work then there is more than worth value to it. This makes to increase our creativity.


God has given the great tool to human being, which is wisdom. With wisdom, we can do anything. Our success depends upon how we are resolving problems through creativity.


There is no short cut for hard work, but we use our creativity every task of success become easier.

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