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To buy a printer is complicated because the rule of sasta sundar thikau doesn’t work here. If you opt for low price printer then you ignore other features .Before buying for a printer six rules must kept in your mind while purchasing a printer. Printers are easily available in market. But buying printers from online store can save your time and money. Printers are comes with different functions and different market prices. So this is your work what kind of printers are need for your office work or for your home.





  1. Cost of printer: The first rule for buying a printer is cost of printer.

Always remember costly printers equals to cheap refills  and cheap printers equals to costly refills. Printers with costly rates uses cheap refills and printer with cheap rate uses costly refills.


costly printers = to cheap refills and cheap printers = to costly refills.

  • Cost of printing: It should not take 60rupees to print a photo or 6rupees to take a black and white print .always enquire about cost per print from the seller. Also cost of refill .


  • Connectivity : wireless printers or wi-fi printers are brilliant and convenient. But wireless printers are expensive. Wireless printer are cost effective and best for home use. You can also go for remote printing.


  •  Speed of print: speed of print plays a important role for buying a printer. An average of 13 to 15 pages per minute in black and 11 to 13 in  page per minute in colour is considered good enough for personal use ,but  for official use you should look at speed of 20 plus pages .


  •  Printing output: If you want to buy a printer for official use ,go for black and white printer , it is more convenient.


  •  Power consumption: since the printer is mostly running ,it should not inflate your bill. A printer should have , a sleep and auto power mode.


These are important rules while purchasing a printer for your home or for office work. 






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