Position of the master

By | August 11, 2017

 master and king              Position of the master


There was a king. He was really fond of writing and recitation. Through his cabinet once he arranged a master. Master started to teach the king. Months passed but the king was not learned anything from his master. The master does work hard every day, but king, unable to learn nothing, the king found no use.  King was in the biggest upset. To put the question mark about master ability is wide of the mark. Because he was real famous and qualified instructor. Finally, one day queen had advised the king, “Mr. King why don’t you ask to answer to this question to your master”.



The king held on his curiosity and one day the king had gained courage to ask the question. “Master, I am sorry”. I have been learning from you for several months, but I don’t hold any advantage.Why is that”


“Master replied in very calm voice”. “Mr. King the reason behind this is very simple”


“Master, please and kindly give the answer to my question” – the king asked.


The master said- the reason behind the question is very small. But the trouble is with your ego and feeling proud yourself, makes this impossible to understand for you and that’s why you are sad and sorrow. I am consenting that you are a great king. You ranked and prestiges in all with respect me. But here the relationship is the teacher and the student. Being the master my position must be higher than you. But you yourself sit on the throne and I sit below. This is the reason that’s why you don’t get any education and not getting any knowledge.


King came to an apprehension of the whole thing and he immediately picked out everything and pardon for sorry. And get higher education from his master.


Friends, the real significance of the little story is, we should respect to our teacher and we should give proper space in our affection. We should not receive an ego of wealth and glory of our ego. The teacher is always placed in a higher position.


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