Harmful and negative side effect or Good or Bad of Masturbation.

By | June 13, 2018

Harmful and negative side effect or Good or Bad of Masturbation.

Why I stopped the masturbation and why I wanted you to stop the masturbation. Whatever I have shared here is my personal opinion, results, and judgments.


I was not masturbated for 6 months and it’s really tough to control sexual urges. You can only control when you know the negative, harmful effect of this addiction. I found astonishing results, my knee pain went away, I got so much energy. I felt very active, my fear and shy gone away.

I found positive results, so I decided to share this post on this blog post. So you can learn from my experience.

Today the number of young people in our country is higher than any other countries. If the youth of our country succeeds in his life, then our country will become the richest country in the world. But the distressing thing is that most of our youth in our state is engaged in mischief in our day to day life. If someone is addicted, then it is very difficult to come out of this.


One such addiction is masturbation. Which is the fastest growing addiction in adolescents and youth today? This addiction was also in the old times and due to this, it is not getting rectified due to corrected information. Due to this addiction, many youths are ruining their lives today.

Today in this article we are sharing with you 8 big damages due to masturbation. By reading this, you will be able to know about the loss of Masturbation. Every person learns from another person and gradually this habit change into a bad addiction, which becomes a serious problem for the person over time.


Many rumors about masturbation have been spread in our society. Due to being less information about masturbation and many people don’t speak about this, because of this people will never get out of this addiction. Here I am telling you about the loss of masturbation, what people face.

  • Weak in body.

Every person engages in works hard in this world to live the fullest and to get a better life. For that, you need to eat good food and consume good things which are good for you. But by masturbating you are making your life worse than better. Your health becomes worse when you masturbate frequently. This is a problem I have experienced too. You will become lazy and faint. You may also notice when you jerk off, you feel pain in your legs and arms. This is because your ejecting sperms, which consists of proteins, calcium, and vitamins. Which is very vital for your body. Your health can never be good at any time by masturbating.

It brings weakness in your body. You must have noticed that when you masturbate, then your inner strength decreases. You would experience like all the power has ended and to stimulate it, you start looking for something to eat for yourself again.

You should understand that if you want good health then you have to quit this addiction, otherwise it will come at a time when you will lose your good health due to this addiction and you will start to develop weakness. Which will also induce an effect on your health and also affects your relationships.

  • Feeling embarrassed and guilty.

Masturbation is very harmful. If masturbation is good you don’t feel guilty and shameful. When you jerk off you feel guilty. It makes you under confidence and shy. I’ve experienced this many times. Make a challenge to yourself of no fap for 30 days. You will notice drastic changes in your body. You will experience energetic like the hulk.

Don’t destroy yourself for 2-second pleasure.


  • The breaking of the penis muscles.


Many people grapple their penis very strongly while masturbating and suppress them or they think that by doing so the semen will not come out. It is not the right way to do it. You may have to face serious problems by doing this. Doing this can break the muscles of your penis which is very fragile.


Many times this also causes prone disease. The effect of this disease is that the person’s penis becomes crooked. Once it gets sick, you can understand how many difficulties you may have to face.

  • Stress and mental instability.

Trust it or not, masturbation produces tension inside you. If you masturbate, then you must have noticed that after masturbation, you may feel very bad. Masturbation can give you great mental stress. This tension is such that you start blaming yourself.

You think bad. If you are under constant stress, you may be a victim of depression. Masturbation also raises a lot of nervousness. If your mind is in tension, then you will not be able to do any work properly. Hence if you want to stay away from the stress, then say goodbye to masturbation.


  • Low count, sperm.

In our spermatozoa, there are millions of sperm in the number. Which helps us to become a male parent. People who masturbate daily, the number of spermatozoa in the semen becomes reduced. The biggest disadvantage of this is when the person gets married, after that due to the lack of sperm in his spermatozoa. He may also be deprived of a male parent. If sperms are reduced within you and so you will go into tension and this tension will spoil your health. That’s why to think about your marriage life and stay away from this addiction.

  • Bad effect on digestive system.

It is really necessary for our health to cure our digestive system. The digestive system is the machine of our body that pulled from the food and presents it to our body. By which our body remains strong and healthy. If the digestive system fails, our health begins to weaken.

Masturbation affects our metabolism. Masturbation effects affect our digestive system. Because of which our digestive system performs its function very slowly and digested food improperly and takes a lot of time to digest.

The first wet fluid that comes out while masturbating contains proteins. Which are essential for cell formations. You must know how important the protein is for our body. The constant erosion makes you lean. Therefore, to maintain the good digestive system. So please make a distance from masturbation.

  • An illegal relationship.

In the way the sex offense is increasing in our society today, there is a huge role of masturbation. Those who commit such crimes are addicted to masturbation and they start committing crimes if they increase their sexual desires. The person is always lost in the imagination who masturbate. Once you have committed a sexual offense, then understand that your life is ruined. The easiest way to avoid this is by removing the root that means remove masturbation from your life.

  • Consistently low sexual desire.

What can be more shameful for a man than this if the excitement in his penis stops? This can inculcate depressed into in your mind. Masturbation often results in injury to the tissue of the penis, and this tissue starts destroying. Thereby the stimulation of the penis is stopped. So stop masturbation to avoid your future problems.

Friends. In this article, I shared with you these negative side effects due to masturbation addiction. Our motto of this article was that you knew the cost of masturbation and got rid of masturbation addiction.

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