2 inspiring and motivational short stories.

By | February 24, 2020

2 inspiring and motivational short stories.

Check out this 2 most inspiring and motivational short stories about life, that will make you mindful.


  • Get hold of advice, but care.

Once a man with his little boy was going in a dense forest. Then on the way child get thirsty, give him water, his father took him on a river, the boy was drinking and suddenly fell into the water, and died from drowning.

The man was very disappointed and he thought how to perform the final ritual and cremation of his child. The man was crying badly, they heard the cry, vulture, wolf and   a turtle come from the river.


And they began to express sympathy with man, after knowing the problem and trouble of man, all started giving their advice.


Wolf expresses his thoughts by drool, do one thing left the child’s torso in this forest wood, go left over the rock, earth mother will bear it. Then vulture says by hiding his happiness, animals will eat if you left the body on land. Vulture again says, do one thing put the child’s body on the upper side of the tree so that the warmth from the sun helps the physical structure to break down rapidly. After hearing them turtle said surprisingly, don’t listen to both of them. The life of a child is in the water, that’s why flows the body in the river.


Afterward, that, all of three starts began to pull the human race to act according to their wish. Then the man turned to his conscience and uses his wisdom, and said to all three of them, I can smell the selfishness of your sympathy, the wolf wants to leave the child’s body on the ground so he can eat comfortably and the vulture is giving the advice to leave the body on tree so he can escape from the wolf and turtle, so you can comfortably take feast and you turtle you live in the water that’s why you are arranging your feast on the river.

Thank you for taking the time to give advice. Only I will devote the child’s body to the flames, but it will be not your meals. On hearing this they left the place with the little face.


The moral of the story?

Friends I am not communicating that every individual will pass on you selfish advice. Our parents, sibling, and friends, other close relatives give advice, but before doing anything we must scan the situation and stick with the advice. But many of our relatives gives selfish advice. So be aware.


  • Motivational stories.


                  Good people and bad people.


A long time ago, once a master was bathing in the banks of the river with his students.

Then came a passer-by and asked – majesty, what kind of people live in this village. In fact, I want to go somewhere else than my current residence.


The master said- “what kind of people live where  you reside”?

Guessing the chef, one of the so insidious, wicked and evil people is settled.” Said the passer –by.

Master said- in this village also same kind of people reside insidious,wicked,evil.  Bypasser moved after hearing this.


After a while, another by-passer went through and asked the same question. I want to go to some new place, can you tell me what kind of people live here.

The master said- “what kind of people live where you reside”?


The man replied- their people are living very civilized, systems and good people.


The master replied- then here also you will find same people, very civilized, systematic and secure citizenry. Their students were watching everything. As the bypasser moved, students asked for their master,“master why you told the two different things about the same  place.


The master said seriously- students, we usually don’t see the thing actually it is. We see them as we are ourselves. “There are all kinds of people everywhere, it depends on us how we want to see people”.



Students understand what his master wants to convey. And they decided in their life to see good things in every situation.




Note- The motivational stories shared here are not originally created by gyanvardaan.com. These narratives are read and heard somewhere.


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